Lesley has been with Women of Merit since its beginning in 2014. An entrepreneur herself, Lesley has seen and experienced many of the challenges that women face in the business community. She has also been inspired, mentored, and supported by women in the community and felt a strong passion and desire to share their stories on a public platform. Teaming up with her two co-founders, Carly Kuntz and Janet Weldon, they launched Women of Merit as the premiere publication to honour local women of notable success.

Today, Lesley is the sole Editor and Owner of the Women of Merit publication. Through her creative agency Lesley Warren Design Group (LWDG), she has adopted Women of Merit as a passion project that is shared by the entire team. In a truly collaborative effort, Women of Merit 2018 will be the first edition published by the LWDG team.

Highlighting the success stories and inspiring others in the community has always been (and always will be) Lesley’s primary goal for Women of Merit. She hopes to continue to inspire others and create a supportive community in Waterloo Region.

Check us out on social media and don’t hesitate to reach out directly, we’re always happy to connect with other women of merit in our community! To learn more about LWDG, visit our website at

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